Safe Point Technologies


An invader has perpetrated our world, an invisible enemy that multiplies through the very existence of human interaction,

insidiously permeating and indiscriminately threatening our lives; today pathogens have irreparably altered the way we live.


Introducing Safe Point scanner, a preemptive tool in the battle. Safe Point scanner is an early detection solution designed to uncloak

and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all deadly viruses.  


 Safe Point scanners deny the ability of viruses to use people as unwilling participants in the spread of their lethal onslaught.

The battle against pathogens has always, and will always, be a part of our lives as we see both now and throughout many times in history. 


Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) have a significant impact on both global economies and public health.

The likelihood that pandemics are on the increase is supported by elements such as growth in global travel, integration,

and urbanization along with our wider exploitation of the natural environment. (Jones and others) 


Although still vulnerable; today we are smarter and more aware of the danger and how it proliferates. 

Through detection, protection, and intervention, Safe Point scanners are a formidable weapon in the arsenal against the invisible enemy.



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