Body Temperature Abnormality Warning

  • The system uses face recognition AL algorithm as well as temperature data optimization and calibration. Only the subject’s frontal temperature is analyzed to ensure accuracy with an error margin of +-0.3F.
  • An alarm is immediately triggered once the temperature abnormality is detected The system will then run a secondary verification in order to ensure accuracy
  • Non-contact rapid body temperature screening to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Accurate temperature detection in 2-3 seconds/person.

Binocular live face recognition. Recognizes face with mask/hat/glasses

  • By populating a portrait library, the unit can recognize the subject without removing face mask, hat or glasses
  • Near-infrared living body detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapt to most indoor and outdoor environments and can quickly identify on the move.
  • Detection and tracking for 20ms, passing detection for 300-500ms.

Support standard API interface

  • Support standard API interface, can be connected with various business systems.
  • Support GLAN, WIFI, 3G/4G, realize network connection.
  • Automatically record temperature measurement data and generate reports.
  • Push real-time local data to achieve cloud management and multi-layer upper-layer applications.


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